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Welcome to the new site RoBox Ltd. by Administrator

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About us


              "ROBOX" Ltd. was founded in 1990.  Over the years, has formed a team of specialists who advise clients competently and create quality products. Our long experience in this field allows us to create highly individual sound schemes tailored to the perceived object, with competitive quality and prices.

           The company specializes in design, manufacture, supply, acoustic measurements, installation and service of professional sound systems, and supplying all kinds of sound equipment from leading companies.

          Our products are designed for clubs, bars, variateta, casinos, bingo halls, stadiums, swimming pools, multipurpose halls, restaurants, hotels, shops, sports facilities, theaters, community centers and other public buildings. Customers of the company are individuals ( as a DJ, bands, etc..) governmental organizations (such as community centers, theaters, municipalities, etc..) and private companies.